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GROUND // Route de Perwez - FC Saint-Germain

In the midst of the green fields somewhere in the neighbourhood of Namur you come across FC Saint-Germain. A relatively young team that has become the personification of typical lower league football. No high levels, no thousands of fans, and no massive stands. You will find a buzzing atmosphere and pure friendship on and around the pitch.

Football is in fact a very simple game. This is even an understatement. Because apart from all of the money, the big shot names and huge fuss that often pass by, it can still be as it was meant to be in the gecko. A pure game with harsh fought fights on the pitch and more than great third halfs next to the field. This is something you'll find in Saint-Germain, part of Eghezée near Namur. Right up until 1972 this small village had to cope without football. But ever since FC Saint-Germain has been playing in the shadow of the bigger teams in the neighbourhood. But rest assure, the locals don't really care.

Because even should a lost fan of the musical producer St Germain walking in the neighbourhood or lost busses of French teams St Germain en Laye FC or even Paris St-Germain arrive there instead, they are always welcomed with open arms and almost immediately invited to participate in the regular barbecues before, during and after the games. And you can take this 'in the midst of the green fields' quite literally. Only a few houses can be found around the stadium and the rest is all open fields.

Since 1972 the team has been playing their games in the absolute bottom of the regional levels. Continuously the green and whites have been going up and down the lowest divisions. But despite the lower level, the team did provide a small stand for the fans, because face it... the weather isn't always that great in pretty little Belgium.

Make no mistake however. We are not talking about a team that is to be ridiculed but a team that has a clear vision and healthy ambition. The plan is to go as high as possible. But at the same time we need to be realistic with our expectations. By the team FC Saint-Germain reaches the national divisions, we'll be a few years older and wiser. In the meantime we continue to enjoy the lovely lower league atmosphere and the warm and fuzzy feelings deep in Wallonia.


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