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GROUND // Site Colomba - FC Kortenberg Meerbeek United & Sporting Kortenberg & Standaard Meerbeek

Between Leuven and Brussels, you will find more than the crowded IKEA and a lot of fields and meadows. You'll find plenty of lowerleague football charm. In Kortenberg, and all its suburbs, you can indulge your groundhoppers' passion.

The Colomba Site, in the Wijngaardstraat in Kortenberg, is a breeding ground for various Kortenberg clubs. The little stadium has been standing for decades and is regularly refurbished to give all clubs a good future. One of those clubs is FC Kortenberg Meerbeek United. A merger team of which one of the teams is already quite old. In 1921, Cortenberg Football Club was founded. The yellow-black team never reached the national divisions.

The most remarkable steps in the history of Cortenberg Football Club were a royal title in 1952 and a name change in 1967. Furthermore, the club maintained mainly nice derbies with the teams in the neighbourhood. At least until 1999, when K Kortenberg FC called it a day. The same year, a successor was established. Sporting Kortenberg had to fill the void that was left.

In 2017, the club decided to merge. However, the first team continued to exist independently and also to play in the same stadium. The youth teams, on the other hand, were put under a new club in collaboration with Standaard Meerbeek with a new matricule number. That new club became FC Kortenberg Meerbeek United.

Because of that merger, Standard Meerbeek decided to use this stadium too. At least, if we are to believe the sources of the Belgian Football Federation. Because although Standaard Meerbeek only has a first team, they have registered two complexes as a possible location. Of which the Wijngaardstraat is their B-pitch.

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