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GROUND // Sportcentrum Aartselaar - KSV Aartselaar

Updated: May 30, 2022

Recently we already talked about K Kontich FC, one of the three points in the Anal Triangle (anale driehoek). A second point in that triangle is Aartselaar. And there too, football is being lived and loved. The history of the team however is slightly different.

As far as we could find, there has always been only one team active in the Belgian FA. KSV Aartselaar has been an official member since 1969, but they have been playing football for much longer. They started out as Sportvereniging Leonardus in 1953. That name was derived from the local church Sint-Leonardus. In the 15th century that church received a relic of Saint Leonard and ever since he is the devote of the village.

SV Leonardus first joined a local football league. It would take another 16 years before they'd make the jump to the national FA. One year before that, the club was renamed as Sportvereniging Aartselaar. Since 1969, KSV Aartselaar never managed to reach the national levels. But they did go through all of the Antwerp regional leagues with changing successes. Right now they're in the third regional league.

Their homebase, the Sports Center Aartselaar, has a double function in the meantime. We suspect the team has always played there from the very start, but recently they switched from using the old A pitch (with an athletics track) to their new A pitch right next to the old one. The pitch with athletics track and very charming grandstand is already in use by other sports teams since a while now. Their new A pitch does meet the more modern football requirements though.

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