GROUND // Stade Achille Delattre - RSC Pâturageois

On our to do list for way too long, we decided to tick off the Stade Achille Delattre recently. Not only the grandstand is a beauty to the eye, the odd colour combination and the football history of the team are attracting groundhoppers from around. Let's dive into the history of RSC Pâturageois together.

Pâturages is one of those rare villages who's team is bigger than the one of the village it makes a part of, in this case Colfontaine. Obviously back in the days when the team was founded, these two were still separate villages. This was in 1931. After Standard Club Pâturageois joined the Belgian FA the team mostly fought their battles in the Hainaut regional leagues. It would take up until 1978 before they first reached the national leagues.

For seven years straight they maintained their spot in fourth division, sometimes just avoiding relegation, sometimes playing for the subtop only just missing out on promotion playoffs. In 1985 however they lost the relegation playoff against Willebroekse SV and they relegated back to the regional leagues. Things took a turn for the worse and by the time it was 1996 RSC Pâturageois almost hit rock bottom, the second lowest regional league.

"Les loups" regained their strength and they started working their way up in the leagues. In 2002 they were back in the top regional league and in 2007 (after having won the championship) they finally returned to national football. This time they only managed to save their asses for three years. In 2010 they went back to the regional leagues, where they have been ever since. Last season the team just missed out on promotion to the national leagues in the playoffs.

Interesting to know is that some better known players like Mohamed Dahmane and Jean-Pierre La Placa have played for RSC Pâturageois. Dahmane also played for the neighbouring Francs Borains, but is more known for his time at KRC Genk, Club Bruges and RAEC Mons. La Placa is more known for his top period at FC Basel and FC Sion. In Belgium he later also became known for his possible involvement in the Ye-case (match fixing). He was officially cleared of all blame later on.

RSC Pâturageois is also ground sharing with FC Colfontaine. Although "les loups" are the bigger of the two and they own the ground, the younger FC Colfontaine (who first played their games at Stade Georges Piscart in Wasmes - also part of Colfontaine) has already made it to the second highest regional league last season. Unfortunately they just relegated, but it's clear FC Colfontaine has ambition to compete with Pâturages and Wasmes.