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GROUND // Stade Edmond Leburton - Renaissance Union Tubize-Braine-le-Comte

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Just across the language border in Belgium there's a city with perhaps the most logical name ever. A city where several teams came together to become one, and where once first division football was played. Meet Tubize.

Tubize is actually a corruption of older names as Thobacem and Tubecca. Both older names are deriving from old German languages and literally mean 'two streams'. The Zenne and the Senette come together in Tubize. The old Dutch name even once was Tweebeek (Twostream). For a very long time it was a small village until the Industrial Revolution passed by and made it grow into the industrial city we know now.

It's no surprise football found its way into Tubize sooner or later. It happened just after WWI, when Cercle Sportif Tubizien was created. They were founded in 1919 and joined the Belgian FA in 1922. Only three years later CS Tubizien ceased all activities. But not for long: the exact same team - with the same name - was recreated in 1925. One year later, they joined the Belgian FA again.

Also in 1926, CS Tubizien got some local competition from Cercle Sportif Esperance Tubize. Both teams kept playing the lower regional leagues though. After WWII, CS Esperance wanted to have a fresh course and they changed their name into Football Club de Tubize. But it wouldn't last long. In 1950 they stopped their activities. In the meantime other clubs tried to search for football glory in the city. Football Club Espoir Fabelta Tubize did that between 1942 and 1951. Sporting Club Bata Tubize did the same between 1944 and 1949.

But only the two oldest teams would stay strong. After FC Tubize disappeared in 1950, they were recreated in 1953 as Club Sportif Esperance Tubize. After that, everything went its old ways again between the two CS Tubize teams; once again at a regional level. But the call for higher league football was strong. So strong the two clubs decided to merge in 1967. Football Club Tubize was born (again) and all old matricule numbers were now officially gone.

In 1974 Football Club Tubize did receive some company again. That's when Amis Reunis Tubize was founded. Once again, some intense lower league derbies were fought out in the city. But the earlier merger didn't bring the expected results. In 1989, both Tubize clubs were in the third regional division. A new merger was the consequence. This time Amis Reunis was completely absorbed bij FC Tubize. Association Football Clubs Tubize became the new name and this time the results would follow.

In 1993 AFC Tubize managed to promote to the national leagues for the first time ever. They immediately looked for a step higher and in 1996 les Blancs et Or promoted to the third division. In only six years time they went from the third regional to the third national level. But there, the train took a stop. In 1999 AFC Tubize was back in third division and this time the train began to move forward. In 2003 they became the very first team from Walloon Brabant to play in the second division.

AFC Tubize went all professional by attracting bigger names (also in the board) and modernising the stadium. The ambition was clear. And that goal was reached in 2008. First division became their stage. Although it was for one year only, because the year after they were back in second division. It became more and more difficult for AFC Tubize. For ten years straight they fought in the second division, but in 2019 they eventually relegated to third division - the renewed first amateur division.

The financial problems became unbearable and the rumours on having to close the books couldn't be ignored any longer. After another relegation and the whole Covid-19 pandemic situation, a new merger seemed to be the only solution. That solution was found in 2021. Royal Stade Brainois became the base for a new and healthy environment. The new name officially became Renaissance Union Tubize-Braine-le-Comte. But it looks like they're using Royale Union Tubize-Braine more often.

On itself we can call this a very logical merger, using the Hazard family as the glue between the clubs. Eden Hazard's grandfather was/is heavily involved with R Stade Brainois and father Thierry (former player himself) was the driving force behind Stade Brainois and the merger between the two clubs. Even more so, Eden and Thorgan both started at Stade Brainois and moved to AFC Tubize. The other two brothers (Kylian and Ethan) started their careers at AFC Tubize. We believe Ethan still plays there right now. When you visit the Stade Edmon Leburton, be on the lookout for an Eden Hazard statue.

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