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GROUND // Stade Robert Lecomte - Union Flémalloise

When you take a boat trip on the Maas in the Liège area you'll find a lot of interesting teams and stadiums. But the small region of Flémalle is very often overlooked. Despite the fact there is a lot of football romance. Amongst others in Ivoz-Ramet, a small part of the village of Flémalle.

Be it as it may, the original team playing there doesn't exist anymore. Skill FC d'Ivoz-Ramet started football activities at about the same time as the Germans invaded Belgium in 1940. The very first official team of Ivoz-Ramet (but not in Flémalle) started in the regional leagues and eventually they would stay there for the rest of their existence. But the local derbies were unforgettable and the team could profit from players that didn't find their luck in Liège.

Despite the fact the stadium and definitely the grandstand have a lot of charm and there are possibilities to host national football, it never really worked out that way for the team. Modern football caught up on them and instead of going for own glory they had to make some drastic decisions. One of the most drastic decisions was made in 2013/2014. That season three teams decided to become one. Skill FC was one of them, the others were Royal Mons Football Club and Royal Flémalle Football Club. Both of them a little bit older than Skill FC.

The matricule number of Mons FC was kept, but their stadium has disappeared in the meantime. only two stadiums are left since 2014 and the Stade Robert Lecomte (Skill FC) became the new A stadium. In the meantime that stadium has been waiting for its demolition for six years now. Because... In 2017 the team took over the matricule number of RSC Entente Engis (while in Engis immediately afterwards a new team was created) so the new Royal Union Flémalle could play the top regional league in Liège. We can't find anything about the old Engis matricule number (525) anymore as the team is still playing with the old Mons FC matricule number.

Since 2017 the debates about a new stadium became serious as the stadiums of both Skill FC and Flémalle FC are too old. The village of Flémalle realized that and in the meantime a brand new stadium is being built on a different location in the village. It's to be expected Union Flémalle (as they lost their royal titel after taking over Entente Engis) can move into their new stadium at the end of the season 2020/2021. This also means it's very likely the Stade Robert Lecomte will disappear in time as it's located in an industrial zone. That makes the ground worth a penny or two for a couple of companies...


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