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GROUND // Stade Yves Delrée - RCS Schaltin

It's not that uncommon local football stadiums in the French speaking part of Belgium make up for a lot due to their location only. Not far away from Namur there is a lot of football beauty to be found, like in the village of Schaltin. In this submunicipality of Hamois RCS Schaltin is leading a quiet life in the regional leagues.

It's not immediately clear how long RCS Schaltin has been playing in the Stade Yves Delrée, but it looks like they had the ball rolling there from the very start. Hidden in the midst of the open fields and located in something you can call a pit the act of entering the stadium will give you an amazing view. That amazing the rather large grandstand is being minimized to practically nothing.

The team was officially founded in 1942 as Football Club de Schaltin. It's worth some more digging though to find out if it's a reconstitution of the former matricule number 960. That team was only active for three years, between 1927 and 1930. It looks like this Schaltin Football Club is the predecessor, but there's not much information available about this. Schaltin doesn't have any other teams and never had before for that matter. It looks like the biggest competition is coming from RCS Condruzien. They have managed to play the national leagues a couple of times already.

Only a couple of months after the creation in '42 the name was changed into the current Cercle Sportif Schaltin. The royal title was added in 1993. Nothing special, but we can't say the same about their choice of team colours. They started off with red/green, but after a year that already changed into yellow/black. In 1945 it became red/yellow and in '52 the went for yellow/black. Finally in 1960 a last change happened. White/purple became the final choice, which is still being used to this day.

While RCS Condruzien managed to reach the national leagues earlier, RCS Schaltin never did. The past years they seem to be in a positive spiral. They are in the second regional league (7th tier) for a number of years now. But if they really have the ambition to go as high as possible is very doubtful. And who can blame them? Living in a picturesque small village with such a lovely view, you are bound to love the typical Walloon barbecues and the so dearly missed third halfs.

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