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GROUND // Tervuursesteenweg - VC Bertem-Leefdaal youth

Recently you can't get around the fact mergers are happening more and more. While some are just a solution in the short term, others have proven to be a very big success. We can say that the latter seems to be applicable on VC Bertem-Leefdaal. Although it still has its consequences when it comes to the use of stadiums...

During the fifties FC Rapid Bertem (now that's a name we like very much) was created and although many of the older teams reached the national leagues at one point, FC Rapid Bertem never did. For more or less half a century the team only played in the regional leagues and continuously played on the same pitch, at the Tervuursesteenweg.

In the early 70s FC Rapid Bertem gained the competition of VC Leefdaal Vooruit. Leefdaal is a part of the greater Bertem and the team was playing on the other side of the highway. This younger team never made it to the national leagues either and for approximately 30 years both teams wandered around regionally.

Until 2005 that is. That year the two teams decided to merge and form VC Bertem-Leefdaal. The matricule number of Rapid Bertem was kept and initially the first team started playing on the pitch of Bertem on the Tervuursesteenweg. But immediately plans were made to make sure the team has a new and modern place to continue. After two years the team moved to the renewed stadium in Leefdaal and the one in Bertem was only used for a couple of youth teams.

Ever since the artificial pitches have been installed in Leefdaal the field in Bertem was used less and less and very recently a drastic decision has been made. This season is the last season the people in Bertem will be able to see any kind of football on the old pitch on the Tervuursesteenweg. After this season everything will be demolished and the free space will be used for real estate.

Although we hate to see a great piece of history disappear like this, we have to admit that VC Bertem-Leefdaal is on a roll. They are playing the top regional leagues this season and looking at the current results it seems they have the potential to go to the national leagues for the very first time in their history. Keep up the good work!


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