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GROUND // Wimmershof - VK Heuvel-Lo

Not all teams have a huge history or a majestic stadium. Sometimes the rough charm of the lower league is enough to visit and experience what football is all about. You can find such a recommendation in Kessel-Lo near Leuven.

VK Heuvel-Lo is a very young team, only founded in 2004. They're playing football to enjoy the beautiful game with friends. Maybe that's also the reason why they didn't join the Belgian FA, but the Flemish FA instead. Although they are kind of linked with each other now, it's still a different level.

When you arrive at the scene you'd think it's a lost ground. The pitch and dressing rooms are a bit run down, but football is still played here. It must have been in use for other teams before 2004. But it's hard to learn a bit about the actual history. Nevertheless we are glad there are clubs like VK Heuvel-Lo keeping football alive in grounds like these.

It is said that the football ground was originally owned by local priests from a nearby missionary building. We sincerely hope the Fathers used to play the beautiful game themselves. If this is true or not, we don't know but it does add a little touch. Right now the area is owned by the city of Leuven. The Fathers left the site in 2020.

What we do know is the fact VK Heuvel-Lo has a very passionate fanbase, whose voices reverberate through the surrounding hills. Neighbours told us that every other week the pitch is on fire, not only due to the players but also - and perhaps mainly - because of the fans supporting their home team. We've visited on a non match day, but those stories make us want to visit this one again on match day!

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