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GROUND // Alfons Matthijs Stadion - KSK Vlierzele

Lower league teams with a surprising little stand; it's something every groundhopper is longing for. And amazingly enough there are tons of treasures to be found like that. One example is located in the east Flemish Vlierzele; an absolute gem!

Hidden deep in a suburb of Sint-Lievens-Houtem, you'll find a charming little stadium that listens to the official name Alfons Matthijs Stadium. KSK Vlierzele is the joyful user and they have been so since the middle of the 70s. The team was only founded in 1966 and it took them four more years before they decided to join the Belgian FA.

Today KSK Vlierzele has been playing for more than half a century in the official leagues, but they never really made it that far. KSK is mainly going up and down between the third and fourth regional league in the East Flemish province. In 2001 they did celebrate the 25th anniversary of their grounds and since shortly they can call themselves a royal team.

The Alfons Matthijs Stadium does offer almost everything a lower league groundhopper longs for. The open and wide fields surround an immensely charming stand. This just simply breathes traditional football experience. Next time we'll definitely be there on match day!

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