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GROUND // Ambachtslaan - K Brecht SK

KFC Sint-Lenaarts is perhaps the better known team in the village of Brecht (if we include the smaller villages forming part of Brecht). But Brecht itself has its own team as well. K Brecht SK has been active for quite some time now, but up to this day they've always played in the regional leagues.

Brechtsche Sportkring was created in 1931. The other parts of Brecht were a little bit quicker in the game though. KFC Sint-Lenaarts and K Antonia FC (back then still part of Brecht - now it's part of Zoersel) were founded a couple of years before. Only Sint-Job-In-'t-Goor created its team later on. We're sure the neighbouring villages Wuustwezel, Rijkevorsel and Hoogstraten formed some kind of inspiration.

In the first few years, Brechtsche SK managed to promote all the way to the second regional league, which they reached in 1937. For a couple of years they got a taste of the highest level they would reach, looking back now. In 1942 the team relegated, and for the next thirty years or so the third regional division would become their home league. In the meantime, the name was changed into K Brecht Sporting Klub.

Between 1975 and 1990, Brecht SK frequently played the lowest division, but they managed to come back to the third regional league every time. Afterwards the good years returned. During the 90s, Brecht SK won its league twice and promoted to the second regional league. But every time a relegation would follow as well. Right now, they're back in the lowest league. But hopefully those charming stands will once again get to the opportunity to enjoy the top regional league, or who knows something higher...

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