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GROUND // Battenbroek - KFC Walem

Not including KV nor RC Mechelen, this city still has a lot of other football teams. KFC Walem is one of them and also, together with SK Rapid Leest, the team that scores the best with their sportive results, playing in the second highest regional league. KV and RC Mechelen played against each other in this stadium and we didn't need any other reason to finally visit the Battenbroek stadium.

The occasion for this derby was the final of the Cup of Mechelen. Although KV joined the Cup with their U18 team, they still made it to the final and it might not be a surprise RC Mechelen was the other team reaching that particular final. But in fact KFC Walem is playing in this stadium. All in all KFC Walem is a fairly young team, only founded in 1966. Up until then there was no football to be seen in Walem.

Since the start in 1966 KFC Walem has had a quite relaxed existence. No name changes, no mergers, no spectacular ups nor downs; but steadily going up and down in the regional leagues. Currently they are playing in the second highest regional league, making them team number 4 in Mechelen; after KV and RC Mechelen and SK Rapid Leest, but above KFC Muizen, Leest United, SK Heffen, Sporting Club Mechelen and Zennester Hombeek (all of the latter play in the lowest regional league).

The team always played in the Battenbroek stadium and it's a typical lower league ground. It does have one beautiful stand, though this was closed during the game we visited. Nevertheless still a very nice ground and should you be in Mechelen, this one might be interesting to visit. But be aware, only accessible during game days.


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