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GROUND // Berg Van Termunt - KV Tervuren-Duisburg

Known all over the country for their special business seats, we just had to pay a visit to the Berg Van Termunt sooner or later. It finally happened. KV Tervuren-Duisburg is a merger, right next to Brussels, with a lot of history in the village and a beautiful stadium in the middle of a forest/park.

Tervuren is mostly known for its AfricaMuseum and the park/forest. But the village also had national football. Yes, national football. In 1922 New Star Atletic Club Tervuren was founded and continuously played in the regional leagues until the 50s. In 1953 NSAC Tervuren first reached fourth division and the national leagues, sadly enough only for one year. In 1956 they repeated that stunt, but again only for one year. Ever since the team has been playing in the regional leagues again.

In 1975 they decided to change their name into Koninklijke New Star Tervuren which would stay in effect until 2007. Just before they changed their name Voorwaarts Duisburg was founded (in 1968), which was right next to Tervuren. The young team never reached the national leagues and at the end they struggled to stay alive. That's why in 2007 the two teams decided to become one and form Koninklijke Verenigd Tervuren-Duisburg (Royal United), a creative way to use the more frequent KV abbreviation. Luckily the quite old matricule number of Tervuren was kept.

The team does take a lot of pride in a couple of former players, such as Didier Segers. He used to play for several first division teams with the absolute highlight the European final in 1993 between Antwerp and Parma. Eric Dumon is another one they are proud of. He used to be part of the successful RWDM team in the 70s and ended his career at Voorwaarts Duisburg.

Long story short, KVTD is a nice, active team with a cool ground and very interesting business seats. Definitely worth a visit.


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