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GROUND // Breendonkstraat - Willebroekse SV

Everybody knows the lost ground in Willebroek - once the home ground of KVC Willebroek-Meerhof and soon to be demolished. After the team ceased all activities in 2011 De Schalk has been abandoned and every now and then a groundhopper enjoys the beauty left behind but it also gets visits from people with less good intentions. After some acts of vandalism and fire starting it has been decided De Schalk will be torn down. But after the disappearance of the old illuster team a new team was founded as a continuation.

Willebroekse SV is a remembrance to the old Willebroekse SV that later merged with FC Meerhof. The new team even took on the known orange-black colours and started playing in one of the old stadiums. Sadly enough, but also realistically they didn't chose De Schalk, but rather the old FC Meerhof grounds.

These were being used by KVC Willebroek-Meerhof for the youth teams, so it was always maintained well. To really step into the glory shoes of the old Willebroekse SV, they still have a long way to go. After all - playing in second division and other national leagues and the wonderful matricule number 85 is forever gone. But the spirit is there and young kids in the neighbourhood still have a place to go.

Next to this, the terracing of this charming little stadium is wonderful. Definitely pass by this one, not that far away from De Schalk.


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