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GROUND // Burgemeester A. Lambertsstadion - K Londerzeelse SK

Not far from the cute little stadium of SK Steenhuffel, there is a bigger team playing in the national divisions. K Londerzeelse SK currently plays in third division and seems to be a constant team lately in the national leagues. They are playing in the Burgemeester A Lamberts stadium.

It all started in 1929 when Londerzeel Sportking was founded. They initially only were a member of the Flemish FA, but during WWII (in 1942) they finally became an official member of the national FA. It's one of those teams that always kept their own identity. They never merged with another team, never had any financial problems and never changed their name.

For almost 40 years the team played in the regional leagues, up until 1980. That's the year they first got promoted to fourth division, their debute in the national leagues. Only one year later the second team in Londerzeel (Delta Londerzeel) joined them in fourth division, but in 1984 both teams relegated back to the regional leagues. In the early 90s KLSK managed to go back to fourth division, but a few years later (in 1994) they relegated again.

KLSK returned to fourth division in 1999 and this time they never went back to the regional leagues. On the contrary, they even found their way up to higher divisions. In 2006 they got a first taste of third division. For two season they showed Londerzeel is up for more. In 2008 they went back to fourth division, but five years later they went back to third division. Up until now they are still playing there, and with good results. This season KLSK is trying to get a spot in the renewed first amateur division that will start next year (that's when the Belgian football landscape wil change drastically).

Remarkable detail; they had some well known names in Belgian football as coach in the past. In the early 90s the current RSC Anderlecht manager Herman Van Holsbeeck was coach at KLSK and after him Urbain Spaenhoven and Leo Van Der Elst had the same position.


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