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GROUND // Campo Municipal La Hoya del Pozo - CD Medano (Spain)

We are still on the holiday island of Tenerife. The football search continues and brings us to the small and local El Medano. Literally translated it means The Dune. The village has a small community in which - as usual - football plays a central role.

There is very little known about the football history in El Medano. What we did find is that in 1981 Union Deportiva Medano was created. The team managed to get good results fairly quickly and at one point they reached the Insular Preferente, the regional league which connects the Canary Islands at a sports level and forms the last step before the national divisions.

But it hasn't always been all that wonderful in this small fisher village. The results were occasionally just poor and financially the team was struggling at one point. They didn't always receive the correct support from the local authorities, despite their efforts in the local community. The peak was reached in 2019 when the FA in Tenerife decided to exclude UD Medano.

But the Campo Municipal La Hoya del Pozo didn't stay empty for long. The recently renewed stadium (with an artificial pitch, a main stand, a beautiful worked in stand and some wonderful left over elements from days past) was taken over by CD Medano. Club Deportivo Medano was created in 2020 and can be considered to be a continuation of the old UD Medano.

It's very obvious the main driving factor for the club is still the participation in the local community. They put a high focus on their youth teams and they're with very good reason very proud of this as well. We can only pay our respect to a team with an attitude like this!

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