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GROUND // Cardijnlaan - KFC Herenthout (demolished)

KFC Witgoor Sport Dessel is not the only one moving grounds soon. In the neighbourhood (or somewhat) KFC Herenthout is having the exact same plans. After the current season they will move to a new ground and the current one, which they have been playing in since 1968, will be demolished. Another one bites the dust...

KFC Herenthout is actually already existing since 1916 (in full war period) as FC Victoria. In 1926, when they received their matricule number, they changed their name into the current FC Herenthout. They always played in the regional leagues except for a couple of years in fourth national division. It's hard to find out when this exactly happened, but in the meantime they relegated back to the regional leagues.

In 1968 they moved into their current ground at the Cardijnlaan and it shows the stands date from that period. It's wonderful to see typical non league stadiums like this. Groundhoppers, if you want to visit this one - you only have time until August 2017. As of September, KFC Herenthout will be playing in their new stadium.


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