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GROUND // Complex KSC Mechelen - KSC Mechelen

Everybody knows KRC Mechelen and KV Mechelen as the teams in and around Mechelen. But those two definitely aren't the only teams. In the southern part of Mechelen, not that far from the railway station you can find KSC Mechelen, with a very typical and modest stadium.

KSC Mechelen was founded in 1951 only as Sporting Club Mechelen and had a very quiet and easy going existence. The team always played in the regional leagues (unfortunately they relegated to the lowest leagues in Belgium last season), but across the past 60 years they have had some successes.

In the 70s and 80s there were great plans with the team and the chairman at the time even decided to have a stand built for the team. Unfortunately somewhere in the 80s (we assume) this stand was torn down again due to high expenses. Still the shape of the stand can be seen as the bar and dressing rooms in that same building were kept. Not for long though. The city of Mechelen is investing in newly built stadiums for some of the regional teams in Mechelen, amongst others KSC Mechelen. Initially the stadium was to be demolished in September 2016, but in the meantime this has been postponed several times already.

The absolute peak period of the team definitely was the time Fi Van Hoof was coach of the team (1978 to 1980). After the chairman of that time died, it kind of fell apart for Sporting. The first team went downhill. KSC Mechelen always tried to put a high focus on the youth academy however. The team might never be able to compete with their neighbouring Racing and KV, but Sporting is definitely worth a quick visit when you are in the neighbourhood anyway.


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