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GROUND // De Zandvleuge - FC Eeklo Meetjesland

The team was born in 1921 after a merge between Daring Eecloo and Ledeganckvrienden and was first named Ledeganckzonen Eecloo. Shortly after the merge the name was changed into FC Eecloo.

In the 50s the team reached the national leagues for the first time, but only played in third and fourth division. It wasn't until 1974 the team began to have its real successes. They promoted to third division and in the 80s they were constantly fighting against the top teams for promotion to second division. In 1987 the finally reached second division and the fight for first division began. Unfortunately the story was over in 1995 and the started going back to the lower divisions. In 2010 the team experienced financial problems and to make a fresh start they changed the name into FCE Meetjesland in 2012.

De Zandvleuge, which was their hometown in all of these years, still is the hell of Eeklo, filled with a few very passionate fans although they are now only playing in 10th division.


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