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GROUND // Den Reggel - KCVV Elewijt

Sometimes you can find great history in the open fields of the smaller villages. There's no real stadium in Elewijt, but there is great history. The stadium itself is in fact a cycling track around a football pitch. No terracing and definitely no grandstand whatsoever.

But the most interesting part is where the team actually is coming from. KCVV Elewijt originally started out as Crossing FC Ganshoren in 1913, in the Brussels neighbourhood. In 1926 they received matricule number 55, which makes it one of the oldest teams in Belgium. Up until WWII the team always played in the regional divisions. In 1942 they first reached national leagues. They started in third division and when fourth division was created they relegated to that division where they stayed until 1959.

The same year they changed their name into Royal Crossing Club Molenbeek and moved from Ganshoren to Molenbeek, also in the Brussels neighbourhood. The same year they promoted back to third division and in 1962 they even promoted to second division. All throughout the 60s the successes stayed and in 1969 they even reached a second spot in second division. In 1969 they underwent another merge; this time with Royal Cercle Sportif de Schaerbeek, a team that played in second division for a number of years, but after WWII started relegating to third, fourth and even the regional divisions.

The new team name became Royal Crossing Club de Schaerbeek and moved to Stade du Crossing in Schaerbeek, also in the Brussels neighbourhood. Due to the fact they ended second in second division in 1969 they promoted to first division, so the new team had a great start. The fun lasted until 1973 when they relegated back to second division. Then it all went downhill. In 1975 RCC de Schaerbeek relegated to third division and in 1980 even to fourth division. In 1983 they left the national leagues for the first time since 1942...

In 1983 the team decided to leave Schaerbeek and move to the Flemish fields in Elewijt. The new team name (the third move already) now was Royal Crossing Elewijt. The team would never go back to the national leagues again. In 1991 Crossing Elewijt merged with VV Elewijt to become KVV Crossing Elewijt (also known as KCVV Elewijt). Ever since they are moving up and down between 7th and 8th division. Quite a remarkable history, seeing a former first division team playing in such low regional levels and undergoing so many moves and team name changes. Definitely worth a visit.

Interesting to know - some former players of the team are Rik Coppens, the brothers Emilio and Manu Ferrera, Georges Leekens and former Czechoslovak international Josef Masopust.


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