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GROUND // Duineneind - KSK Kasterlee

Like we mentioned a few days ago, often forgotten but definitely worth a visit: Duineneind stadium of KSK Kasterlee in the midst of the Kempen. It's one of those typical lower league stadium with a charming stand in a beautiful environment.

The team was founded in 1941 only, during WWII, which is quite unique on itself actually. The original name was Sportkring Kasterlee and it's one of those examples that never merged with another team. Also almost unique. Across the decades (up until now in fact) SK Kasterlee would go up and down in the regional leagues and the absolute peak moments where in the 60s and 90s when they played in the top regional league. In between they fell back to second and sometimes third regional leagues. The darkest moment in their history was around the millennium change (2001) when they had to file for bankruptcy due to financial problems. The team managed to change their set up and start over again under the name Koninklijke Sport Klub Kasterlee.

Currently they are playing for the title in the third regional division and they have all ambition to go back to the top league as soon as possible. It will be very nice to see this stadium being used in higher leagues soon.


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