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GROUND // Estadio Municipal de Futbol Blas Belmonte - Carboneras CF (Spain)

Updated: May 1, 2022

The holiday season is approaching quickly and this means there won't be any football anymore for a couple of weeks. At least not with our favourite teams at home. But you can still survive on football on your trips. We already went ahead and got a taste in Spain. First stop; Carboneras.

In the Andalusian Almeria there's a small village named Carboneras. It's probably more known for holidays and beaches, but football is always present. One big downside; it's a bit more challenging to get to know the history of the noble unknown. We suspect this team was created in 1990 as Union Deportivo Carboneras.

Later on the team name was changed into Carboneras CF, or Club Deportivo Carboneras Atletico. From the beginning, they have played at the Estadio Municipal de Futbal Blas Belmonte, previously known as Las Marinicas (named after the beach area nearby). And what a beauty it is. Nice stands, open areas and a cool backdrop. But we have to admit the artificial pitch is a bit of a downer, although we understand this is more common in warmer areas like southern Spain.

Such a young team? They must have never achieved anything? Oh yeah, that's what you'd expect. But you're very wrong. They managed to reach the Tercera Division several times already, which is the fifth level in Spain, the lowest at national level. Not bad at all for a team which only exists for 32 years, right?

At this very moment they're playing in the top regional league in Andalusia and they're leading the table. It could very well be that they are on their way back to national football. So... Should you be travelling in the south of Spain, this is definitely a nice stop next to all bigger and more famous teams.

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