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GROUND // Fruithoflaan - K Boechoutse VV

Charming lower league ground? Beautiful wooden seated stand? Magical old matricule number? Yep - to see that you will have to go to Boechout, not far away from Mechelen, Lier and Antwerp. K Boechoutse VV is one of the older teams in Belgium, playing with matricule number 125 and often overlooked by groundhoppers. A sad mistake, as the stadium is absolutely lovely.

Between 1915 and 1920 there already was Boechout Sport, but the real history starts in 1921 when Boechoutsche Voetbalvereeniging was founded. The team started playing in the regional leagues in Antwerp and by the time it was 1936 they already managed to reach the national divisions; third division at that time. They immediately had success ending in the top of the division, just missing out on promotion to second division. Afterwards they would become a steady team in third division.

During WWII the team colours temporarily changed from yellow/black into full red and in 1947 the name changed into Boechoutse Voetbalvereniging. Sadly enough that was also the year when they relegated back to the regional leagues. After one year they would return already and in 1949 the old yellow/black colours returned. Their national football would last until 1951, when they had to go back to the regional leagues.

In 1953 Boechoutse VV was lucky enough to enter the national leagues again, after a restructuring of Belgian football and the creation of the fourth national division. Up until 1957 at least as that was the year the team would play national football for the very last time. Ever since the team is going up and down in the regional leagues. Exactly 50 years later K Boechoutse VV would merge with the neighbouring and rather young team Berchemse Sportvrienden. In reality Berchemse Sportvrienden just disappeared as nothing remembers to that team these days.

K Boechoutse VV is one of those teams with a heart for less fortunate people. They have already given away their complete kit to teams and children in Africa and Suriname. Something more teams should do.


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