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GROUND // Fullicks Stadium - Folkestone Invite FC (England)

After we visited Dover and its stadium, we immediately went to Folkestone. Another absolute gem was waiting for us and after having learned Dover and Folkestone are rivals, this visit became even more attractive.

Folkestone is a completely different city compared to Dover and the stadium is completely different as well. We were pleasantly surprised by the huge terracing around the complete pitch. Originally this ground was known as Cheriton Road, being played in by Folkestone FC and occasionally also hosting cricket games.

Folkestone FC was founded in 1894 already and was one of the founding fathers of the Kent League. After WWII the team ceased to exist, but a new team was founded carrying the same name (apart from some name changes across the years), until it folded in 1990. Folkestone Invicta FC took the open spot and the empty stadium, because obviously a stadium like this can't stay unused. :-)

Folkestone Invicta FC was already founded in 1936 and mostly played in lower leagues until it took over activities from Folkestone FC in 1990/1991. Since then Invicta played in the Kent League, the Southern League and lately they are active in the Isthmian League. Just before they joined the Southern League, Invicta had a record of 2,332 visitors for a benefit game against West Ham, including Frank Lampard as a player. You could say taking over Folkestone FCs place was a big hit for Invicta, although there were some dark clouds during the pas 25 years as well.

Whenever you are in the neighbourhood we strongly suggest to visit the Fullicks Stadium, it's absolutely fantastic!


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