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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Sportcomplex - KFC Lentezon Beerse

Big grandstands for lower league teams, it's not uncommon in Belgium. KFC Lentezon Beerse is one of those teams. Not that far away from wonderful stadiums like in Vorselaar and Rijkevorsel, we can find the Gemeentelijk Sportcomplex. A very unattractive name for a very attractive stadium.

It all started during the first two decades of the 20th century. Beerse saw their very first team and the name from the start already was FC Lentezon Beerse. It's not known where the name comes from exactly, but names like this are common practice in the Kempen and Limburg area in Belgium. During the 20s Lentezon finally joined the Belgian FA, but it would still take quite some time before Lentezon reached the national divisions.

In 1965 this finally happened. They promoted to fourth division and the results weren't that bad. After a fourth position and twice the middle section of the table, it was over in 1969. That was the year they relegated back to the regional leagues. We would never see them in national football again.

The women's team however did have more success. In 1997 KFC Lentezon Beerse merged with Dames VC Beerse, adding a women's team to their assets. Dames VC Beerse was founded in 1970 and after a number of years in an unofficial league they made the move to the Belgian FA by merging with SK Beerse. After having reached the national divisions fairly quickly they split away from SK Beerse in 1987 and continued on their own as Dames VC Beerse. At the same time they moved to a field next to the stadium of KFC Lentezon Beerse. It was only a matter of time before these two merged, which finally happened in 1997.


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