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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Sportterrein - K Daring Huvo Jeuk

In the itchy village of Jeuk (literally translated in English into "Itch"), part of Gingelom in Limburg KDH Jeuk plays at a fairly high level. And they are playing in a unique and very nice stadium as well, although the name could have been more appealing.

K Daring Huvo Jeuk is a merger between Daring Jeuk and SC Huvo Jeuk. In fact it's a continuation of the original Daring Jeuk. Daring started in 1958 and played in the regional leagues for half a century. Once they reached the top regional league, but that remained a one season story. While both Daring Jeuk and SC Huvo Jeuk both played in the second highest regional league and both faced relegation at the end of the 2006/2007 season they decided to merge into one team.

SC Huvo Jeuk isn't as old as Daring. This team on itself was already a merger between FC Klein-Vorsen (member of the Belgian FA) and SC Hundelingen (member of a local FA). FC Klein-Vorsen had to cease activities and SC Hundelingen saw an opportunity to join the Belgian FA by merging with FC Klein-Vorsen into SC Huvo Jeuk (Huvo stands for Hundelingen and Vorsen).

The merger between the two Jeuk teams was named Daring Huvo Jeuk and after their start in 2007 they immediately had success by promoting to the second highest regional league in their first season. Five years later they made their way to the top regional league again and currently they still play in that league, not that far from national divisions.

The stadium is a must visit! The grandstand is very charming, being almost completely made of wood, and across the pitch there is a very unique terracing part. We would like to see this stadium in the national divisions once.


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