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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Voetbalterrein - FC Destelbergen

There are several FCB teams in the world, but there can be only one FCD.

In the middle of East Flanders, not that far away from Ghent there is a small village called Destelbergen. Just like most of these villages football started during or shortly after WWII. Same story in Destelbergen. FC Destelbergen began all activities in 1950 and up until now - 67 years later - they always played in the regional leagues. Most of the times pretty constant in results.

They started of in the lowest division - 3rd regional division. In 1957 a first title came, but not long after that they relegated back. In 1965 a second title followed and for 35 years they stayed in the 2nd regional division. Up until 1990 that is - the year they promoted to the 1st regional division. Ever since they are showing a lot of similarities with an elevator; a few years 1st followed by a few years 2nd and back up again.

FCD started playing on a pitch with absolutely nothing available. The dressing rooms were made of wood and there was no water available. One year later they moved to the place where they play right now and what a sight it is. A typical lower league stadium, well preserved and foreseen from an occasional new painting layer in the team colours. Absolutely magnificent to see. The wooden seating area is pure oldschool and the dugouts are an eye catcher.

Two well known former FCD players are Salou Ibrahim and Frédéric Dupré, the latter in the youth teams and Salou very recently (2 years ago) to end his career; both former Zulte-Waregem players as well. Definitely worth a visit and better make it a complete East Flanders tour as there are a lot of treasures to be found there.


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