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GROUND // Georges Bosmansstadion - KV Zuun

In the shadow of the great Brussels you can find the rural Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. The village is mostly known thanks to the medieval writer Jan van Ruusbroec, but in the meantime it has developed into a true football area. Reason for this? Jef Jurion, Paul Van Himst and Youri Tielemans. But at one point they also had eight football teams. Let's check into the history of KV Zuun.

Besides the town centre, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw also consists out of Negenmanneke, Zuun, Vlezenbeek, Ruisbroek, Oudenaken and Sint-Laureins-Berchem. Ruisbroek FC was the oldest team for quite some time. They brought football joy since 1922 but had to cease activities in 2013. One can also visit SK Vlezenbeek, FC Negenmanneke, Leeuw-Brucom (a recent merger between SK Leeuw and KV Brucom Sportief) and of course KV Zuun. FC Oviedo and FC Marmara Sint-Pieters-Leeuw disappeared almost as quick as they appeared.

After Ruisbroek FC folded and KV Brucom Sportief gave up their matricule number in the merger with SK Leeuw, KV Zuun is now officially the oldest still existing team in the village. They are letting the ball roll since 1929 and they joined the Belgian FA immediately after being founded. Zuën FC was their first name, but it changed into RFC Zuun in 1954. Nice anecdote: when the Belgian FA came to inspect the team in 1929, it was noted the pitch was still full with fruit trees. As far as we could find, we are still talking about the exact same pitch, but without those threes obviously.

It took the club little more than half a century before they managed to reach the national divisions. In 1979 the name was changed into KV Zuun and four years later their promotion to fourth division was a fact. It would only last for two years though as in 1985 they relegated back to the regional leagues. KV Zuun would pick up their status of lift team like before. They saw almost all regional leagues and that makes their story into one with many ups but also many downs. Right now they are in the third regional league for eight straight years.

But they also managed to have some big names in their teams. Jean Dekempeneer, life long political figure and major of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, was active as player and coach. Raymond Mertens, mostly known as player of Ukkel Sport and coach at teams like RSC Anderlecht and Club Bruges, started his career at FC Zuun. But it'll mostly be the names of Yannick Vervalle and the brothers Mmaee that will sound familiar. Vervalle was active with quite some Belgian and Greek teams. Ryan and Samy Mmaee started their career in Zuun as well and ended up in Hungary and Cyprus now via Standard.

We have to say the nostalgic feelings keep on living in Zuun. Their Georges Bosmans stadium contains a very charming stand (recently reworked by a graffiti artist) and in the meantime three different entrances. The first few years the entrance was next to the current stand. Later on it moved to the opposite side, along the street. Right now fans have to find their way in next to the canteen. A lot of history is being mixed with a healthy ambition (proof of that is their recent cooperation with OH Leuven) and lovely lowerleague charm.

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