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GROUND // Guido Gezellelaan - KVC Deerlijk Sport

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In the West-Flemish Deerlijk there is a football club playing without complexities for almost 100 years. Surrounded by Kortrijk, Harelbeke and Waregem, the local team was able to work on a nice ride through the leagues. And all of that in a neat little stadium.

Deerlijk is a village on its own, but it is in the shadow of larger cities Waregem, Harelbeke and Kortrijk. They have their own football team and that team managed to resist the changing times throughout the decades. Even the most recent modernisations in football didn't have much impact. There were no mergers, there were great results and there's a charming little character. And all of that with sweet stands on the sideline. What more can a groundhopper wish for?

Deerlijck Sport was created in 1930 and after a few months they decided to join the Belgian FA. Their start was peaceful and quiet and mainly locally driven. The most peculiar highlights came after WWII. Deerlijk Sport's jubilee (when they received the royal titel) was the first one to pass by. Ever since 1956, they can proudly call themselves Koninklijke Voetbalclub Deerlijk Sport.

The great results only came afterwards. After more than 40 years in the regional leagues, Deerlijk Sport managed to reach the national divisions for the first time ever in 1972. It was fourth division back in those days. They even stayed there for several years. Up until 1977 that is, because that's when they relegated back to the regional leagues. The team even had to hit rock bottom for a while. In the 90s Deerlijk Sport found themselves in the lowest regional league possible.

Rock bottom also meant the way up was open again. By 2006 Deerlijk Sport was back in the top regional league. Since then they started an up and down game between the top regional league and the second regional division. Without going for it, they bombarded themselves as the elevator team of the region. Right now, in 2022, they are back in the highest regional league in West Flanders. And with clear ambitions to stay there and maybe even go back to those national divisions.

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