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GROUND // Heidebloemstadion - Heidebloem Dilsen VV

Only a couple of minutes away from KEC Rotem we visited yet another absolute gem in Limburg. This time the stadium is still in use, though be it by a new team instead of the old occupant. Heidebloem Dilsen VV is the follow up of the old KVV Heidebloem Dilsen.

In 2000 the stadium was renamed to Heidebloemstadion after KVV Heidebloem Dilsen had to stop all activities. But the original name, Op De Bekker, definitely was a great name as well.

The old VV Heidebloem Dilsen was created in 1941, in full war period. For over 50 years (!!) the team went up and down in the regional leagues, but in 1994 they finally hit the national leagues. The team with the FC De Kampioenen colour combination was off to a great series of results in the national leagues. From the beginning they played nice football in fourth division and in 1999 they promoted to third division.

But the end of the millennium meant the coming of dark clouds over the team. The results were very poor and KVV Heidebloem Dilsen were constantly fighting against relegation. During the season conflicts within the team made it even worse and it became clear the team needed a merger to keep existing. There were talks with the neighbouring Neeroeteren FC and KEC Rotem (well well), but both talks fell through. At the end of the season Heidebloem Dilsen ended last in third division and had to file for bankruptcy due to financial problems.

Immediately a new team was founded to replace KVV Heidebloem DIlsen, Dilsen VV. The colour combination stayed the same and the stadium kept being in use, although under a new name. In the meantime, all this time in the regional leagues, the name was changed into Heidebloem Dilsen VV.

The old Op De Bekker is an almost perfect stadium. Everything was built during the 90s for their stay in the national leagues and time took possession of the stadium in the meantime.


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