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GROUND // Ixenheuvel - KFC Putte

Many groundhoppers drool over Elascon grandstands, and almost just as many are so sure most of these Elascon grandstands are in The Netherlands. But we must never forget the glories that can be found in Belgium. We already found these Elascon types in KSC Machelen, RVC Hoboken and Stade du Pairay. But in the midst of the green fields in the province of Antwerp, there is also the smaller team of KFC Putte which has one the best preserved Elascon grandstands in the whole of Belgium.

This grandstand, completely in the team colours of KFC Putte, is a pure beauty for the eye and is a definite must see for all groundhoppers. Most likely this is a stadium very easily passed by or forgotten. This could be due to the fact the team isn't very active on any of the (social) media. The team was already founded in 1930, but they only played in the national leagues for 13 seasons (mainly in the 70s, but also a few years in the 90s). After their last peak in the 90s they relegated back to the regional leagues, even to the lowest of the lowest around 2009. These days they are playing in the third regional level. We really hope they will return to the national leagues, as this is a stadium very much worth to be seen in these leagues.


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