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GROUND // Karel du Boislaan - KSC Maccabi

This team is one of the very few Jew-dedicated teams in Belgium. Antwerp has a very big concentration of Jews, therefore it is not a surprise Antwerp has one of the only Jewish football teams in the country. It is also one of the oldest teams in Antwerp being founded in 1920.

They first played in Wilrijk, part of Antwerp, but after 42 years they moved to the current location, the Maccabi stadium in Hoboken. The glory years were mostly in the 60s when the team played in fourth division and five years in third division, only missing 2nd division with a few points. In 1974 they relegated out of fourth division, leaving the national leagues never to return again. Currently they play in 8th division, the lowest on Belgium.

The team hosted the European Maccabi Games three times, in 1983 and 2003 the current stadium was the used stadium for those games.


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