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GROUND // Karenberg - KFC Avenir Lembeek

Everybody knows Belgium and especially the Brussels region is packed with absolute gems. Some of them well known, some of them kind of hidden treasures or at least not frequently visited. The Karenberg stadium is one of the latter.

Although groundhoppers seem to know this place, we don't see this one popping up too often. A shame as the home ground of Avenir Lembeek is beautiful to see.

In 1921 already FC Avenir Lembecq started playing games. A few years later they received matricule number 142 and they played in the regional leagues for the first couple of decades. During the 50s the name was changed into FC Avenir Lembeek and in 1959 Avenir reached the national divisions a first time. Unfortunately after two years they relegated again and the next three decades would be regional football again.

In 1990 they finally returned in their very first season back they immediately won the league, earning them promotion to third division for the first time ever. Sadly enough they had to go back a league in 1995 and already one year later their national passage was over. Ever since they have been playing in the regional leagues, sometimes even dropping to very low divisions.

FCAL had some good players in the early 90s, mainly coming from the neighbouring RSC Anderlecht to end their career at a lower level. They must have already played in this stadium. Hard to tell when FCAL started playing at Karenberg, but it's a pure beauty. It contains a nice oldschool grandstand and combines it with surprisingly massive terracing around the pitch. The entrance gate is a looker too.


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