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GROUND // Kattenstadion - K Berg en Dal VV

In the Kempen area we find the Kattenstadion of the current Berg en Dal VV. Originally this stadium was played in by FC Verbroedering Meerhout, but after their merger with the neighbouring Verbroedering Geel, Berg en Dal left their grounds and moved into this more modern stadium.

FC Verbroedering Meerhout found its history in the merger in 1966 between KFC Meerhout Sport and FC Hand in Hand Meerhout. FC Hand in Hand Meerhout was founded in 1934 and they always played in the regional leagues until they merged with KFC Meerhout Sport. This latter one was founded in 1924 already and took over a lot of teams in Meerhout in 1936. In 1933 and 1935 a lot of new teams were created (like Hezemeer Sport Meerhout, Berg En Dal Meerhout, Sport Na Arbeid Meerhout, Vlug en Vrij Meerhout and FC Rooden Band Meerhout). All of these decided to cease activities in 1936 and join forces with FC Meerhout Sport.

In 1960 Meerhout Sport was the first team in Meerhout to reach the top regional league and in 1966 one big team in Meerhout was created with the merger with FC Hand In Hand Meerhout. The new team, FC Verbroedering Meerhout (in theory a continuation of FC Hand In Hand Meerhout), managed to reach the national divisions in 1967 already.

In 1987, after 20 years in the national divisions, they relegated back to the regional leagues. Not long after that the team moved to the new Kattenstadion and in 1997 they managed to go back to the national leagues. In 2006 they even managed to go to third division, although it was only for one year.

In 2008 the neighbouring Verbroedering Geel had to file for bankruptcy and most of the board members joined the Verbroedering Meerhout board. The name was changed into Verbroedering Geel-Meerhout and they moved to the grounds of Verbroedering Geel. In 2010 they promoted back to third division and three years later they promoted to second division for the very first time, following into the footsteps of the former Verbroedering Geel. The same year the name was changed into Allemaal Samen Verbroedering Geel.

You must have noticed Berg en Dal Meerhout (Zittaert) was already existing in 1933 and they ceased activities in 1936 again. Well not shortly after the unofficial merger with FC Meerhout Sport a new team was created, Berg En Dal VV. Up until now they have always played in the regional leagues, but after moving from their old grounds in the Zeggeman to the empty Kattenstadion nearby in 2013 they have played in the top two regional leagues. Currently the highest regional league.


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