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GROUND // Keienpoelweg - KVW Hakendover (lost ground)

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

"Every village has its own football team." That used to be a certain truth. But modern football is deciding otherwise lately. In Hakendover, right next to Tienen, people are left without a club. And even without a football pitch.

Hakendover is a very odd name and most likely a lot of people will have never heard of this before. It's a small and rural village which had a certain status in the old Roman days. Later on, the village became a quiet little place. Right now it's a part of the bigger Tienen. But even Hakendover managed to enjoy the game of football.

De Toekomst Haekendover was first to join the Belgian FA in 1936. That team was in fact a continuation of a much older De Toekomst Haekendover. That older club was founded in 1922 and remained active until 1931, although they never joined the Belgian FA. The new De Toekomst only played the Belgian leagues for one year after which they left for the Flemish FA. The matricule number however was only dismissed in 1938.

After a while in the Limburg leagues of the Flemish FA, De Toekomst Haekendover did join the Belgian FA again but under a new name:. Voorwaerts Hakendover became a member of the Belgian FA in 1938. As far as we could find all of those teams always played in the Keienpoelweg. The results weren't bad either, but still they decided to throw in the towel in 1945. Most of the team members joined VV Wommersom without actually merging.

It took until 1957 until there was a follow up. Voorwaarts Hakendover was the new team and they joined the Belgian FA immediately. The first year though they couldn't play the official leagues. Due to electricity cables above the pitch, their stadium wasn't approved. But a solution was found for the year thereafter. In those following years, VW Hakendover would go through all of the regional leagues.

The absolute wonder years are around 1985. That's when VW Hakendover managed to promote to the top regional league for the very first time after having spent only one year in the second regional division. It would only last one year though. Afterwards, VW Hakendover went into a free fall to the lowest leagues. In 2007 the club received the royal title, but its story was almost over. In 2018 KVW Hakendover ceased to exist. Now, about five years later, there's practically nothing left of the stadium either...

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