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GROUND // Koppelpaarden/Veerseweg - VV SCO (lost ground)

Belgium is loaded with lost grounds and if you look carefully you can find some absolute treasures. Germany has its way with lost grounds as well. In Holland that amount is a lot lower. But that doesn't mean The Netherlands doesn't have any beautiful abandoned football treasures. Like this one in Oosterhout.

Oosterhout has several teams, of which VV TSCO Oosterhout most likely had the best results in the past. But next to that there is also the current VV SCO. That team started in 1935 after a merger between VVI (Voetbal Vereniging Oosterhout) and Juliana. Little is known about those two teams though. The new name became Rooms-Katholieke voetbalvereniging Sport Centrale Oosterhout, or RKvvSCO in short.

As far as we could find, the results go back to 1941, but they clearly show the amateur team found themselves mainly in the third and fourth amateur divisions of the Sunday competition. Between 1978 and 1981 it looks like they were inactive for a while as no results can be found. But afterwards they returned. And how: the team managed to promote several times and made its way into the second amateur division.

Since 1997 VV SCO also has a team in the Saturday leagues. Up until 2019 they combined the two, but since that year they are only active in the Saturday competition. And today they are playing in the Sportpark De Elskens. Before that, Sportpark Paterserf was their home. But it all started on a pitch near the Koppelpaarden, next to the Veerseweg. A pitch which was already in use by Juliana before the merger.

The team submitted a building application in 1940 to have a new stadium and only a year later it was already in use. Finally the club could use their own grandstand and one which was a joy for the eyes. Sadly enough the stand got neglected in maintenance since the 60s, and definitely so after they moved to the Sportpark Paterserf in 1974. Despite efforts to give credit to the stand (it became part of a monuments list in 1999 with a description of original function as "stadium"), it looks like this one is up for demolition sooner or later.

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