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GROUND // Kuipke Tramlaan - KOVC Sterrebeek (lost ground)

Yet another lost ground to be found in Belgium; the Kuipke in the Tramlaan in Sterrebeek near Brussels. This used to be the ground of KOVC Sterrebeek up until 2012.

Just when you think you have done all the nicer grounds in and around Brussels, you stumble upon a beautiful lost ground. Just a stone throw away from Brussels the Tramlaan in Sterrebeek contains an absolute gem. The Kuipke was the home stadium of KOVC Sterrebeek for quite some decades before they had to move to a new ground in 2012.

KOVC Sterrebeek was founded in 1925 already as Olympia Voetbal Club Sterrebeek. At first they played in a local Brussels FA, the Ligue Bruxelloise. It wasn't until 1927 the team joined the Belgian FA and started in the regional leagues. At first they played in the Zeenstraat but since the ground was bought for real estate purposes they had to move to another ground in 1933. In 1949 they found their place to stay; the Kuipke.

During the decades KOVC Sterrebeek went up and down in the regional leagues and apart from some structural and financial problems in the 60s the team actually had a nice and quiet life. This all changed in 2012 when they reached the national divisions for the very first time in their history, fourth division. Since their pitch didn't meet the requirements for national football KOVC Sterrebeek had to move to another stadium, the newly built Het Zeen. In the beginning the Kuipke was used for training purposes and youth games but it seems this is no longer the case. We can call this a true lost ground.

KOVC Sterrebeek still plays in the national leagues, but if they don't get their act together it seems they will go back to the regional leagues at the end of this season, after six years of national football. The Wikipedia page mentions Subaru Arena as their home ground, but we can't find where this is coming from exactly. If anyone knows, please do enlighten us. :-)

In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful terracing and odd but beautiful grandstand.


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