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GROUND // Lohrheidestadion - SG Wattenscheid 09 (Germany)

Back to Bochum. In one of the quarters another majestic stadium can be found. Wattenscheid was an independent city until 1975 when it became a part of Bochum. Their biggest football team is SG Wattenscheid 09, playing in the Lohrheide stadium.

The team was founded in 1909 when two older teams decided to join forces. BV Sodalität der Wattenscheid and BV Teutonia Wattenscheid became one team named Ballspiel-Verein 1909 Wattenscheid. After WWI the football team merged with TV 1901 Wattenscheid (a gymnastics team) and the name was changed into TuBV Wattenscheid 01. The TB in the name still is referred to by the public as Titten und Bullen; breasts and bulls. After the roaring the 20s the team was forced to merge by the Nazis with SG 1930 Wattenscheid and became SG Wattenscheid 09/30. Up until WWII the team never made any difference in the regional leagues, but after WWII SG Wattenscheid started to work on a way up.

In 1958 finally they joined the regional Westfalen league (third division) and little over ten years later they won that league and promoted to the Regionalliga West (second division). In 1974 they won that league as well, but due to reformations in German football they kept playing in the newly founded 2. Bundesliga Nord. All throughout the 70s and 80s the team stayed in that same division, varying from good positions to nearly relegations. In 1990 finally they reached first division after a second place. Their stay in the Bundesliga was short however. After four years they relegated, but in those four years they had some remarkable results. They defeated their great rivals of VfL Bochum in 1992 and won twice from Bayern Munich.

After being relegated SG Wattenscheid played in second dvision only for two years (with a remarkable win over Borussia Dortmund in the cup in 1996) before they were relegated to the regional leagues again. In the late 90s they went up and down between second division and the regional leagues, but when the new millennium kicked in they never made it back to the national divisions. They even went down to one of the lowest regional leagues, but slowly crawled their way out of the pit again.

Some of the most known players SG Wattenscheid had were Yildiray Bastürk (youth teams only) and the brothers Hamit and Halil Altintop. Their women's football team also made it to the second division but ceased activities in 2010.

SG Wattenscheid 09 wandered from pitch to pitch a lot. Their first pitch was the Sportplatz an der Zeche Holland. From 1919 to 1927 they played in Sportplatz Südstraße. Afterwards they played from 1927 to 1965 in the Beckmannshof stadium (with an intermezzo between 1934 and 1945 where they played in the Sportplatz an der Verbandsstraße). Only since 1965 they can call the Lohrheide stadium their home. This stadium was built in 1954, but we can't find who was the original team playing there until 1965. The stadium got renovated in 1992 and again in 2002.


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