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GROUND // Lotstraat - SK Leeuw

Yet again we are in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. After having visited KV Brucom Sportief and FC Negenmanneke, we also passed by the ground of SK Leeuw. Compared to the other stadiums this one has less history or tradition, but their ground at the Lotstraat is definitely worth a visit when you're there anyway to visit one of the others.

Being one of the younger teams in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw SK Leeuw have always played in the regional leagues. Not a lot of known about the team, but there are a handful of nice anecdotes to note about the team and the stadium. One of them being the fact they must have one of the most active and lovable chairmen around. When we visited the stadium he was working himself in the stadium. He mentioned he is there every day - all day long. Talking about dedication...

Very interesting to know is how they got their grandstand. A few years back they felt they needed a grandstand as a lot of fans stayed inside the cafe when the weather wasn't as it should be. They went on the second hand market and found a horse riding team that was selling their grandstand for the exact opposite reason as SK Leeuw was looking for one. For a couple of hundred euros the grandstand was now theirs. Team members built a roof and walls themselves with typical lower league equipment, just the way we groundhoppers like to see it.

One of the most known former team members was Yves Buelinckx. He was very active in first and second division with teams like AFC Tubize, Club Brugge, KSK Beveren, RWDM, RAAL and Union St-Gilloise. SK Leeuw meant the end of his playing career.


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