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GROUND // Luc De Rijck Stadion - Lyra TSV & SK Berlaar

Officially this one is called Doelvelden, but it's also known as Stadium Luc De Rijck. It used to be the homeground of KFC Rita Berlaar, a team that was founded in 1938. They played from 1986 until 1999 in the national leagues, but at the end they relegated to the lower divisions. Financial problems made them decide to quit the team in 2000. You can still see the color combination of KFC Rita Berlaar in the stadium.

After Rita Berlaar ceased to exist SK Berlaar was founded. They started using the vacant stadium, but up until now they didn't reach any higher divisions as of yet.

The real reason why we wanted to visit this stadium is because K Lyra TSV moved to this stadium temporarily. End 2014 their Lyrastadium was demolished to make way for a real estate project. We visited the Lyrastadium earlier. The team decided to move to the former KFC Rita Berlaar stadium awaiting their new stadium to be built in Lier.


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