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GROUND // Lyra Stadion - K Lyra TSV (demolished)

It's a shame to see beautiful grounds disappear. The Lyrastadium is one of those that is demolished in the meantime. Luckily we were right on time to witness a last glance of  the glory.

The stadium was built in 1912 for K Lyra, team in Lier which was founded in 1909. They always were the second team of the city but they were strong enough to survive in the higher leagues in Belgium.

They played in first and second division for 48 years, but the last years of their existence they played in third division. Financial problems were a direct reason to split from the other sports departments and the name was changed into KVV Lyra, only to merge a year later, in 1972 with the big K Lierse SK. Directly after this merge a follow-through team was founded, named K Lyra TSV. It took some time, but finally in 1989 they returned to the national leagues. Ever since it's a team shifting between third and fourth division.

May 4th 2014 they played their very last game in the famous Lyrastadium. A new stadium will be build, but for now they moved to the stadium of former team Rita Berlaar nearby. There is no known date yet as to when the new stadium will be finished.


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