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GROUND // Maria van Loonstraat - KVV Lummen

Lummen in the Belgian province of Limburg is mostly known for the junction of highways E313 and E314. These two and the Albert Canal ensured the village to develop a lot of industrial activities. But football wasn't forgotten.

No less than four teams have undertaken several attempts. Voetbalvereeniging De Harp Thiewinkel started in 1939, but they disappeared again as Football Club Harp Lummen in 1944. Seven years later, they were back as Tiewinkel Football Club De Harp Lummen and this time they managed to survive until 2003. But shortly after receiving the royal title, the club ceased all activities.

In 1941, there was also a Hooger Op Goeslaar Lummen. For only seven years people saw football from their side as in 1948 they were gone again. The 40s were a very productive decade in Lummen, as in 1946 Haiwai Molen Voetbalclub Lummen was created as well. Unfortunately they only lasted two years, but in 1957 they returned as Hai-Wai Molen. In 1960 the name changed into Real Club Lummen, but eventually they stopped as well - in 1962 already.

But all in all, the oldest team in Lummen became the most successful as well. In 1930 already, Vlug En Vrij Football Club Lummen started playing. Like the rest, they had some rough first years and in 1936 the team ceased to exist. But three years later the club was back on track. Vlug En Vrij Lummen received a new matricule number and survived all other teams in the village later on.

Ever since, they managed to go up and down the regional leagues. The second highest regional league has been their biggest achievement (at least to what we could find), but right now KVV Lummen is back at rock bottom. In the lowest regional league they seem to be doing great and they are on the right track to get a ticket for one level up. The wonderful little stadium however has never seen any national football. Almost surprising when you see what kind of infrastructure the team has.

KVV Lummen puts all their efforts in the youth teams. And with success. As one certain Geert Deferm can be called their number one example. After his youth years in Lummen, he played football for teams like FC Winterslag, KV Mechelen, Antwerp and AA Gent.

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