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GROUND // Mijnstadion - K Houthalen VV

Limburg is one of those provinces that had a lot of football teams founded for the working class people. Early 20th century numerous foreigners moved to this area and almost all of them started working in the mining industry. Houthalen is no exception.

In 1934 FC Vooruit Houthalen was founded, but quickly changed their name into FC Eendracht Houthalen. Eendracht first reached the national leagues in 1952 and stayed in third and fourth division until 1969. In 1963 the mining industry in the area ceased to exist and the funding for the team dropped down as well. In 1965 FC Eendracht Houthalen merged for the first time with FC Hoger-Op Houthalen to become Sporting Houthalen. After 1971 Sporting would never reach the national leagues again and the financial status was called miserable in the new millennium. In 2011 a new merge (with Red Star Laak) formed the team Houthalen VV.

The stadium is a very nice sight to see. Next to the aluminum grandstand above the cafe, the pitch is completely surrounded by well maintained terracing.


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