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GROUND // Molkereiweg - AC Mabra

Completely off the grid and almost outside of Belgium. In Burg-Reuland we can find this charming little ground. In the small village of Bracht, not that far away from St Vith AC Mabra plays non league football.

Usually we come with a complete history of the team and the stadium, but AC Mabra seems to be existing completely offline. There is absolutely no information available, other than the fact the team is not affiliated with the Belgian FA.

For the first time we also did a shoot of a pitch that contains absolutely nothing. There are no floodlights, there is no stand, there is no terracing whatsoever. But still this one attracted us. The nature and the environment are absolutely phenomenal. This is so lower league it kind of attracts itself.

Should you ever be lost somewhere in or near St Vith, we can definitely recommend this German speaking team within the Belgian borders. At the time of our visit, there was no-one present to provide us some information. So if ever you are there and you can find out some more information... We are very interested.


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