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GROUND // Oosterzonenstadion - KFC Oosterzonen Oosterwijk

We recently visited the old stadium of KFC Heultje and we also described the derby feelings between Heultje and Westerlo. But these aren't the only teams in the area of Westerlo. Oosterwijk (part of Westerlo as well) also has a rather big team.

In 1943 KFC Oosterzonen was founded. Almost all of its existence the team played in the regional leagues. But after a few sudden promotions, starting in the new millennium, the team first reached the national leagues in 2009 and since 2013 they even made it to the third division.

The stadium, with the rather dull name, was first built in the 90s and it can be seen in the architectural structure. The grandstand is a pure concrete building and already shows some nice testings of times. The cafe on the other hand is very nice to see and have a beer in. It looks really cosy and it breaths what the area of the Kempen stands for; pure cosiness.

The game we watched was one of the pre-season games against the neighbouring KVC Westerlo (of course... who else). Westerlo won the game.


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