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GROUND // Oude Schrieksebaan - VV Adler

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Corona is making victims. Football teams have problems finding solutions and the consequences are more and more visible. Some teams merge. Others just simply stop playing football. And where activities are being ceased, opportunities are being created.

Because... Soon a typical non league ground will disappear in Belgium. Right now it's near to being a lost ground, but it isn't yet. The fields of VV Adler have been sold a couple of weeks ago to the bigger neighbours of KV Mechelen. That last team will turn this stadium into their new training facilities. That means everything you see there now will disappear completely.

To a certain extend this is a shame. Yet another of those typical lower league grounds set to be demolished. But the owners have expresses a feeling of relief this will remain a football ground. Jeanine and André (how charming) have had more than 40 years of football joy there. They have been the face of the team and the pitch since the start and creation of VV Adler.

Together they founded VV Adler in 1974, after André was already active as a player at SK Keerbergen and Nieuwendijk. Hidden in the fields of Rijmenam, VV Adler led its own crazy little life. They never joined the Belgian FA, but instead played in local FAs. The pandemic situation meant the end of the team as it was decided they wouldn't start up activities again. VV Adler is officially gone now.

But what a peculiar name it is. When the team was founded no real name was decided and when they joined a local FA they wanted to use Kiekeskot (Chicken Run), named after a bar nearby. The FA didn't accept the name though as it was a bit too ludicrous. The team eventually came up with the name of the beer which was served in their canteen; Adler. VV Adler was born.

But next to that the owners also welcomed other teams to use their facilities. The most recent one was Real Putte which has been playing there for the last couple of years. Soon they will move to Sint-Katelijne-Waver to make way for KV Mechelen and their plans.

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