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GROUND // Patrostadion - Patro Eisden Maasmechelen

Last week we posted the old pitch of Patro Eisden and we saw a lot of emotional memories from the fans to the old days. We even received the feedback that the atmosphere of the absolute gem will never be met in their new stadium.

This new stadium was built in 2002 to meet the new and high standards of the Belgian FA to be able to play in second division. Of course, since we were in the neighbourhood, we had to pass by this new stadium as well. We visited right after the game against Union St-Gilloise, a glorious victory against one of the stronger teams in second division this season.

We tend to agree with most fans. This stadium currently misses soul and character, but we also see a lot of possibilities there. The current grandstand across the seated grandstand might be a seated grandstand in the near future, but it was all depending on the results of this season. Sadly enough Patro is in the lower ranks and is looking to the highest amateur division (Belgian football will be very different as of next season). So it's possible the plans won't happen at all. But if it would happen the city and the team already confirmed there would come a new grandstand for the visitors behind one of the goals, not seated. We can only encourage this. Behind both goals there is more than enough room left to create some magnificent terracing which would contribute to the atmosphere, soul and character of the stadium.


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