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GROUND // Poezelhoek - FC Gullegem

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Just a few miles away from the French/Belgian border, the charming village of Gullegem has always led an independent existence. Kortrijk was their example, but in the meantime they are a part of Wevelgem. And Gullegem has quite the football history.

In 1927 Gullegem had its first football team. Sportkring Gulleghem only existed for one year and they ceased to exist in 1928. For years, football fans in the village struggled to find the right fields to play the game. Probably this was also the reason why the first attempt ended so quickly. It took Gullegem until 1944 before a new attempt was made. That year Sportkring Gullegem was re-created.

Sportkring Gullegem suffered from the same issues once again and in 1946 the team disappeared. Three times is a charm, they say. And that seemed to be the case in Gullegem as well. In 1959 Sportkring Gullegem was back and this time they made sure there weren't any issues with a good pitch anymore. The Poezelhoek became their new and steady home base. The train had finally left the station. In only six years time they had marauded the leagues to the top regional division. Quite the record.

And it continued afterwards. In 1968 Sportkring Gullegem managed to promote to the national leagues - fourth division - for the very first time. There they stayed for six years. But then the club went up and down a bit. In 1974 SKG relegated back to the regional leagues. Between 1981 and 1983 they had another brief spell in the fourth division, but overall they had to wait until 1998 to be back in the national divisions. Afterwards it all went uphill again. In 2000 and 2001 they reached the promotion playoffs, just like their neighbours from Wevelgem. Although they got eliminated, they did promote in 2001 to the third division.

Third division was for one year only, but they would never really relegate. In 2002 SK Gullegem and KFC SV Wevelgem City decided to merge and become KSK Wevelgem City. The matricule number of SKG disappeared, but the new team did move to the Poezelhoek. Throughout the years, the call for their own team became louder and louder for the people of Gullegem.

Those talks became serious in 2007. Preparations were made and a deal was agreed to use the Poezelhoek as their home base again. That same year, FC Gullegem was born. No SKG this time due to a rule in the Belgian FA. An older earlier existing name cannot be used for ten years straight. In 2008 FCG joined the FA and this time their way up went even quicker than before.

In only six years time FC Gullegem reached the national divisions - fourth level. They won the league immediately and after 13 years the team was back in the third division. This time Gullegem would maintain its position. In fact, they would never leave it again. After the restructuring of the competition in 2016, that league became the second amateur league (the fourth level). But FC Gullegem is there to stay. And we like that. What a wonderful club with a beautiful stadium and a rich history. What else can we long for?

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