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GROUND // Puyenbeke Stadion - Sportkring Belsele

This stadium used to be the homeground for the infamous K Sint-Niklase SK (which was founded in 1920 as FC Beerschot, but after legal steps from Beerschot AC, they had to change their name). This team was part of the higher leagues (first and second division) throughout almost its entire history.

In 1989 they merged with Royal Excelsior AC Sint-Niklaas and stayed in first and second division for a while. In 1999 they relegated to third division. After talks with other teams they decided to merge with KSC Lokeren to form one big team in the region, being Sporting Lokeren Sint-Niklaas Waasland, in 2000. The team moved to the Lokeren stadium, Daknam. KV Red Star Waasland, who played nearby, moved to the Puyenbeke stadium in 2002 after promotion to third division. In 2010 another team nearby, KSK Beveren had serious financial problems and the two teams decided to merge to become KVRS Waasland-SK Beveren. The team moved to the Freethiel stadium of KSK Beveren and Puyenbeke was yet again empty.

Until a few years ago the stadium was used by Sinaai Girls, but in 2014 they moved to the Robert Waterschootstadium. Sportkring Belsele, which was founded in 2011, now uses the grounds of the Puyenbeke stadium, but they only play on the outside pitch. This means the actual stadium is unused since 2010, but very well maintained.


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