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GROUND // Rue de l'Escousset - AC Milanello Herstal (lost ground)

Get ready for yet another beautiful lost ground and yet another wonderful piece of history. Near Liège, in a small place called Milmort, we can find this absolute gem which has been abandoned before, but unfortunately yet again is abandoned right now.

This used to be the home ground of R Milmort FC. They played there between 1922 and 2010, when they had to cease all activities. The original Milmort FC was already created shortly after WWI but quite quickly underwent a merger with Herstal FC, Alliés Herstal and La Préalle FC to become the infamous AS Herstalienne (still existing as FC Herstal after a couple of other mergers throughout the decades). In 1922 a new Milmort FC was created though and this one kept playing.

By the time it was 1932 they had already reached the national divisions, third division at that time. Apart from one year they would stay there until 1943. Miraculously the Belgian FA decided to undo all relegations during the war in 1945 and Milmort FC re-entered the national leagues. This lasted until 1949 when they finally relegated back to the regional leagues.

In 1950 they returned again for one year, with an immediate relegation and this time it would take until 1960. That year they went to fourth division (and the national leagues again). This was again for one year only and after this Milmort FC was never seen again in a national league. For the rest of their existence they played in the regional leagues and by the end of the century they even hit rock bottom. About ten years later, the story of R Milmort FC was told and they folded due to financial problems.

This wonderful stadium remained unused for three years. But a local team decided to move to Milmort and continue their activities in this absolute gem. AC Milanello Vottem (founded in the late 90s - we believe it was 1999 - by local AC Milan fans) changed their name into AC Milanello Herstal and moved to Milmort. We are unable to determine the exact history. Interesting fact is that we can find two AC MIlenallo Vottem teams (or AC Milnello Herstal teams) with different matricule numbers (9325 and 9517). Maybe there was a merger between two very young teams?

In 2015 the team changed their name into AC Milanello Milmort (which did make more sense, don't you agree?), but two years later, in 2017, the story in this stadium was again over. AC Milanello Herstal decided to merge with the neighbouring AS Houtain (founded in 1959 and always playing in the regional leagues) to become AS Houtain-Milanello. The new team played for a couple of months here, but decided to move to the home ground of the former AS Houtain.

It remains a big question what is going to happen with the stadium now.

Anecdote: After the folding of R Milmort FC a loner put his trailer in the stadium and lived there all on his own. Sadly enough, he was found dead in 2013 in his trailer.


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